Eonni and Dongsaeng

E&D: Episode 12 - Key, NCT 127, JBJ, and G-Dragon

December 17, 2021 E&D Season 1 Episode 12
Eonni and Dongsaeng
E&D: Episode 12 - Key, NCT 127, JBJ, and G-Dragon
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The final episode of the season has arrived, and it's a banger!! You know the saying, saving the best til last...well, this is the epitome of that saying.

We introduced the latest album from the shining star Key (SHINee), who shows us all what it means to follow your own sound, and share part of your soul within your music. We catch up with the latest offering from NCT 127, who constantly push the known concepts of pop. 

In the Topical Themed Discussion we chat about the time we went to a Monsta X concert in London. 

Finally, we introduce the short-lived but much loved group JBJ with their final album, and finish up with a bang, introducing you all the living legend that is G-Dragon. Thank you so much for listening to Season 1 of The Eonni and Dongsaeng Podcast. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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Key Bad Love Album
Key 'Bad Love' M/V
Key - Eighteen (End Of My World) Track
NCT 127 'Favourite' Album
NCT 127 Lemonde Track Video
NCT 127 'Far' Track
Topical Themed Discussion: Monsta X Concert in London
JBJ New Moon Album
JBJ 'Call Your Name' M/V
JBJ 'My Flower' M/V
G-Dragon 'Coup d'etat' Album
G-Dragon 'Coup d'etat' M/V
G-Dragon 'Crooked' M/V