Eonni and Dongsaeng

E&D: Episode 3 - BI, Enhypen, BOL4, and Red Velvet

August 06, 2021 E&D Season 1 Episode 3
Eonni and Dongsaeng
E&D: Episode 3 - BI, Enhypen, BOL4, and Red Velvet
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Welcome to episode 3 of Eonni & Dongsaeng, run by two friends who are more like sisters, who share a deep love and affinity for South Korea and its music scene, specifically kpop. 

In this hour third episode, we each introduce one new album we like, focusing on two songs. Latest albums include the solo debut from B.I, an impacful and impressive showing, to the much fresher offering from Bighit's Enhypen - make sure to pretty some tissues with you for both! 

For a quick interlude we discuss all things Korean markets, showcasing this lesser known delight of South Korea. Then we bring out the girls in this week's archives, as we dive into the fun duet BOL4 listening to some of their light-hearted music, and then sink into the sultry and vampy sounds of Red Velvet. 

We hope you enjoy our perspectives, and find some new music to enjoy. Below are the timings for the episode and links to any content we suggest. 

Goodbye from your older and younger sister! 

Annyeong E & D 

Catching up with E & D
Day 6's Kiss the Radio (feat. Enhypen)
B.I - Waterfall Album
B.I. 'Help Me'
B.I. 'Stay' Ft. Tablo
Enhypen - Border:Carnival
Enhypen 'Drunk-Dazed'
Enhypen - 'Fever'
Peggy Lee - 'Fever'
Topical Discussion - Korean Markets
BOL4 - 'Red Diary: Page 2'
BOL4 'Travel'
BOL4 'Teddy Bear'
Red Velvet 'The Perfect Red Velvet'
Red Velvet 'Bad Boy'
Red Velvet 'Peek-a-Boo'
50:31 - Goodbye