Eonni and Dongsaeng

E&D: Episode 1 - NCT Dream, Taemin, GOT7 & SHINee

July 09, 2021 E&D Season 1 Episode 1
Eonni and Dongsaeng
E&D: Episode 1 - NCT Dream, Taemin, GOT7 & SHINee
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Welcome to the first-ever episode of Eonni & Dongsaeng, run by two friends who are more like sisters, who share a deep love and affinity for South Korea and its music scene, specifically kpop. 

In this hour(-ish) long first episode, we each introduce one new album we like, focusing on two songs. Our choices are NCT Dream's 'Hot Sauce' album and Taemin's 'Advice' album Then there's a small topical discussion around something kculture related, which this episode is all about the 2017 Korea Festival we attended together in London. 

Finally, we each introduce an album from the archive. Essentially an album we have loved that is from the past, as a way of introducing our fave music to new audiences, our picks are GOT7's 'Turbulence' Album and Shinee's 'The Story of Light: Episode 1'.

We hope you enjoy our perspectives and find some new music to enjoy.

For additional show notes and timings, follow our Tumblr page: https://eonnianddongsaengpodcast.tumblr.com/

Goodbye from your older and younger sister!


E & D

Taemin 'Advice' Album
Taemin 태민 ‘2 Kids’ M/V
NCT Dream 'Hot Sauce' Album
NCT Dream 'Hot Sauce' M/V
NCT DREAM '고래 (Dive Into You)
Topical Discussion: London Korean Festival 2017 with Feel Korea
GOT7 'Turbulence' Album
GOT7 'No Jam'
GOT7 'Who's that?'
SHINee 'The Story of Light: Episode 1' Album
SHINee 샤이니 '데리러 가 (Good Evening)' MV
SHINee 'You & I'
Ending Remarks